So we’re just about 6 months into 2017, so I figured it was time to check in. In short – we’re now 4 Bass Parades deep, I have a new residency, and I’ve built a robust, powerful new computer to make music with. That video is from Bass Parade 9, by the way – very early into the night.

My dance party has been coming together very well, and the next chapter is about to unveil – which I’ll write about another time. For now, it’s taken a more solid form as a dual-layered dance party – dope downtempo beats on the inside (i.e., dub, riddim, the WBM movement) and uptempo / dancy joints on the outside deck (house, trap, etc.). It fills a hole in this town of a monthly bass night – as well as a night we’re the music is in the forefront, and not just background noise – like in so many mainstream clubs and bars around here. We recently had weird bass phenom Yheti headline Bass Parade 8, with local-grown artists Bane the DragonSleep Madness and several others as part of my resident DJ crew. The eleventh installment at the current venue is this Friday – where I plan to unveil details about the next phase of this communal project. Speaking of phases, I have another announcement for my local patrons: I have a new residency. At a local dope spot that I low-key frequent – 926 Bar & Grill.

The venue has gone over a few name changes over the years (Brothers, Rehab, Pugs). Regardless of that, its hosted an alternative dance night that I like to frequent that recently goes by the name of Sanctuary. By alternative dance, I mean a spectrum of stuff spanning from Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, and NIN, all the way to The Prodigy, Junkie XL and the Chemical Brothers – with the latter having a major influence on the style of music I like to produce and play out! I’m linking two really influential songs that really sparked my passion for dope beats below.



Overall, I love the place because it’s where I can go to “get away from it all”. Also, much like with Bass Parade, it’s a place you can go by yourself, not look weird, and always make a new friend at. So I’m glad I finally can help give the local alt community something new look forward to (me), while helping it grow. Not to mention, I’ll be able to tap into tracks (like the ones above) that just don’t quite fit Bass Parade’s vibe, which I’m really excited for.

Lastly, my new computer. It had been in the works for a while, but around my birthday I finally got around to building my new computer. It’s stupidly powerful, and I shouldn’t have to worry about how much I can stuff into a song before it starts stuttering like a scratched CD (which gets old really fast) anymore. I’ve had a number of people ask me to take them under my wing for music production, and now that I’m not relying on my slug of a laptop – I’m more than glad to give lessons now. For my techies out there: I’m now running a 3.5 GHz, six-core CPU with 16 (eventually 32) gigabytes of RAM, with a 7200 RPM SATA HDD. This build should last me a while. 🙂

As for production, I really like what my colleagues in Spain are doing – so I might take a few pages from them with my next few releases. There’s also a strong chance I’m going to tap into some more industrial stuff to specifically play at my new residency, aside from some songs I will probably only play out there like the mastered, finalized version of Friction.

*The link below is still the initial rough edit I uploaded just to have something up. I’ll upload the final, mastered version when I’m pleased with it:


…And that’s my halfway checkpoint for 2017. Steady gigging, Bass Parade’s been steadily growing, and I’ve taken on a new residency. I’m pretty pleased with how much I’ve accomplished so far. I’ll try to think of articles to write about whenever I catch a breather. Cheers guys, see you next time!