Since everything on social media that isn’t a cat meme tends to be ignored – I thought it’d be cool to talk about my side project here. Bass Parade is a dance party I started with some colleagues few years ago. It’s come a long way since, from being just a weekly club night that focused on letting local DJs do their thing weekly (because why not?) – to a pop-up dance party held at different houses for several months… all the way to it’s current iteration as  a monthly dance party at an established venue. The common denominator (besides me) is that Bass Parade represents my idea of what a dance party night should be.

Bass Parade is also my chance to give back to the local club scene by sharing the stage with it. I’m no superstar by far, compared to guys like Deadmau5 or Bassnectar – but still, I’ve gotten to do some cool stuff like music festivals, opening for some bigger acts, and  even having some of my music aired over local radio. So I’m totally okay with this night being a little bit more than just about me getting the glory. I’d rather let some rookie DJs get the chance to play to a big crowd or give an old-school DJ a place to dust off their decks. In a few cases, I’ve even let some cute locals be gogo dancers! It’s almost like it becomes a party that feeds itself. There’s more to it than that though.

Live music has become more prominent in today’s EDM culture. It’s something else I’d like to factor into Bass Parade’s current iteration. I’ve learned enough over the years to curate some interesting collaborations such as a live 808 vs. violin routine (w/ Michelle Lambert – video below) and a “bass burlesque” routine (courtesy of Ruby Rapture – video below). Who knows – when I make some more money I could probably invest in the live EDM band I’ve prototyped (something like Destroid, but with less Transformers and more improv jamming) and have local volunteers come on-stage and be a part of it. That’s further down the road, though:


Bass parade IV: Second intermission w/ Ruby Rapture

Ruby Rapture's second intermission performance for Bass Parade IV!

Posted by BASS PARADE Dance Party on Saturday, July 23, 2016

At it’s current state, you can essentially:

  • experience chill house music while socializing on the venue’s deck,
  • rage your heart out to nasty beats with like-minded friends,
  • AND see a live (usually electronic) act.

…during one Bass Parade. I’d love to extend an invite to you those of you local to Tallahassee, FL, to Bass Parade. Like it on Facebook (or hit up, which also points to the FB page for now) if you want to know when the next one is, or just see what you missed from the last one. 😉

Otherwise, I’ll leave you guys with a video clip of one of my sets from a past Bass Parade. It’s raw video footage so you get to hear the crowd respond to my selections! First track you hear was my unreleased Uptown Funk remix by the way.