I hate bios. They all sound cheesy – but i suppose you should know where I come from: Plot twist – I have no musical background.

I just played around with some cheap $5 Wal-Mart music software I picked up on clearance. My first job out of high school, was a local movie theater. Turned out that one of the managers happened to be low-key very involved in the local EDM scene (this is South Florida in the mid 2000s, so think electrobreaks and breakbeat culture). He had caught word about my curiosity in music production – and it all  went downhill from there. Next thing you know, I’m setting up shows with this guy – meeting other regional touring DJs, going behind the scenes of the local club scene like I had a golden ticket, because Willy Wonka.

Since then – my mentor’s kind of settled down, and me being me, I kept a lot of this experience and knowledge to myself (I was really shy and introverted back then, still am sometimes) – that is, until I moved to Tallahassee, and decided to take my music and experience out of the bedroom.

Fast forward to this article (February 27, 2018), and I’ve played many clubs and music festivals across [ and even out] the state, have had some of my music aired on local radio, and have had several residencies and ran several club nights (3 residencies and just Bass Parade, respectively). So life’s good, considering I never really set any expectations for how far this thing would go. I guess I’ll just keep going until it starts to suck. 😉

– Ray


  • – some of my original music was featured on Tallahassee’s HOT 104.9
    Pass The Good Music Festivals 4, 5, 6
    – my music was played at ULTRA (UMF) 2006**Thank you DJ 2sweet for wanting something original for your set!