* will proofread and edit this in a few days later with better wording and links to stuff

It’s been about 4 months since I’ve last blogged about what’s going on – and alots happened since:

  • Bass Parade is on a temporary hiatus,
  • I’ve started a very stable position that’s very promising (and also possibly the new home for Bass Parade)
  • I’m finally almost done with my new computer build.
  • I’m starting another new monthly event.

…So it’s been busy, to say the least.

Bass Parade’s on a short break until I find a better location and reprogram the formula. It fell off after Bass Parade X’s climax

, so I pulled the plug until I can pick it back up. Local fans, never fear. As soon as the right meetings happen, Bass Parade will be back on track. A special February Bass Parade is already being discussed – now to just the okay to do a few leading up to that.

I’m low key a private person, so I don’t really want to say too much about work – except that it’s one of the more fulfilling positions I’ve held, and the peace of mind from this particular workplace let’s me put way more effort into all of my projects, and not “settle” due to lack of funding.

Also, the gear I bought is honestly no big deal – just a bluetooth mouse to work with the abstract way my computer is set up. It’s connected to my TV since I also splurged on a decent video card so it could replace my Xbox One. The wireless mouse will come in handy since I plan to do all of my music production on my desk, since you know, as cool as making music on your couch sounds – it’s stupidly awkward.

Now for the real news.
My new monthly dance party.
It’s called Tempo.

What  Bass Parade does for downtempo bass music, TEMPO will do for uptempo dance music. So think 90’s to mid-2000’s electronic music. Mostly around 128bpm. My Saturday residency has given me the opportunity to run a monthly there, so to contrast Bass Parade I figured a monthly that caters to the dance crowd that wants to get lost in a groove, as opposed to raging to drops. Also, not going to lie, those that really know me know that my heart beats at 128bpm, so as much as I love bass music, this night will hit home for me. Just like how I book friends and up-and-comers for Bass Parade, I’ll be booking a new pool of friends that fit the motif of this night, that will cover house, breaks (guilty), and the occasional uptempo niche genres like juke, footwork and drum & bass. It’s going to be a good time.

For my local fans – the first trial run will begin the first or second Thursday of November. Shout out to my residency for really embracing my taste, and giving me even more reason to love working there. Anyway, I’m hoping my local supporters will come see how Tempo flourishes. Stay tuned for Bass Parade news, and also hopefully I’ll have more music for you guys to check out soon as I finish piecing my computer together.