Pass The Good 5: The Experience

Above photo credit: Gin Romans It was amazing. This year’s Pass The Good music festival one easily blew last year’s out of the water (corny pun not intended). Multiple stages, each curating a completely different vibe and experience, like as if it was some... read more

Pass The Good 5

Now I’m not one to usually write about gigs – but Pass The Good 5 is an exception to the rule because, well, it’s not just another club function – it’s a fantastic music festival. After reviewing the lineup, it’s gonna get pretty... read more

The Evolution of My DJ Rig

It’s crazy to think that in a matter of 6-7 years I’ve gone through about 4-and-a-half completely different setups for my live sets, each one completely different from the next. So here (in chronological order), I present you the “evolution” of... read more

Welcome Back!

Hey guys, I figured it was about time for a reboot so here we are again. Hope you guys like. As far as the blog goes, anything that’s too wordy or deep for Facebook will be here. So in-depth editorials about my tracks and or “thoughts” may appear... read more

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