Above photo credit: Gin Romans

It was amazing. This year’s Pass The Good music festival one easily blew last year’s out of the water (corny pun not intended). Multiple stages, each curating a completely different vibe and experience, like as if it was some sort of theme park. Before I document my experience – major props to the PTG team for putting so much work into this year’s event… as well as letting me be first to rip it on Sunday. I showed up Saturday evening – and after getting settled in (meaning: catching up with friends and familiar faces), the adventure had begun:

That… was the campground stage. I loved its vibe. Considering it was the closest to the camp, it was always busy and bustling. Something about the woods did something to the acoustics that really made the music hit you just right.

I woke up earl[ier than expected] on Sunday to explore the grounds and see what exactly I was working with at the Thazdope / Incendia stage where I was scheduled to perform in a few hours. Old habits die hard, but I always investigate where I’m plugging my gear and exactly how much space I have to spread my equipment across (and do quirky dance moves inahead of time. Anyway – I had noticed the campground stage was still going hard from the previous night, so I headed over there with camera in hand:


Wow. Now to peep the stage I’d be working with…

I left 2 bottles of water for that guy knocked out in the floatie for being first to my set (by default).

So much room for activities!
 The sun was up (to my disadvantage, explained later…) and everyone was either just waking up, eating breakfast or getting their swim on. After talking to the sound guy (who was the nicest sound guy I’ve ever worked with, by the way. Philip was his name and the monolithic speakers the stage used were actually his) – I was ready to serve a plate of fresh beats for breakfast:


…Remember how I said something about the sun being “up”? It was beaming… and I totally didn’t take that into account so I couldn’t see the phase meter (Traktor has a function that lets you keep track of how ‘tight’ you’re matching your beats for people like me that don’t like to auto-sync) during my transitions due the the glare. So yeah, I definitely was a little nervous and had a few rough transitions that I didn’t pick up on right away. Surprisingly, dozens of festival-goers greeted me afterwards, telling me how much they actually enjoyed the set throughout the rest of the day. I suppose I didn’t realize how much reach the Funktion One speakers actually had until after the fact. Anyway, I survived. I’ll just be sure to pack an anti-glare countermeasure next time. Time to relax.

Speaking of which, I figured it was time to take in some fresh air, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and peep the beach stage…

PS – That guy bringing funky back in plain view of the camera was Dominic Isaiah. Props to you man!

The beach stage just had a completely different atmosphere, relating to that theme park reference I made earlier. The water was nice and cold – and for the most part I was only there to enjoy [and help with a minor snafu during] DoubleCrown’s set. Now sure, I could tell you about how friendly and chill everyone was for the most part, but I’ll leave that to the hundreds of people who could explain it better than I could (especially since I wasn’t as social as I wanted to be; had a long week beforehand).

So in so many words, once again, Pass The Good this year was amazing. I really just wanted to document my experience for anyone whom has either never been to a music festival (because some of us simply can’t afford the flashier ones), or would like to experience a more down-to-earth, dare I say even intimate one for a change. Now sure, PTG may not exactly hold a light to super shows like EDC or Ultra but that’s just it. It’s not trying to be either or. Pass The Good caters to the crowd who could do well without the million-dollar super stages… and even better with cutting-edge EDM acts, DJs on top of prominent regional live bands. I’m just flattered to have been a part of this for my second year in a row… and simply cannot wait to see what happens with next year’s festival. Cheers!

I have more videos from the festival on my instagram (taken with my crappy Kyocera).