Now I’m not one to usually write about gigs – but Pass The Good 5 is an exception to the rule because, well, it’s not just another club function – it’s a fantastic music festival. After reviewing the lineup, it’s gonna get pretty heady with guys like G Jones, Ill Gates, and tons of regional jam bands headlining this 3-day phenomenon. Even better, it isn’t about million-dollar fancy stage setups like you see for EDC and Ultra – it’s about the music and the experience itself. Speaking of music…

I’m not too worried about my set. They’ve placed me on the “Thazdope” main stage,  and I’ll also be waking everyone up Sunday morning – because none of the other acts are scheduled to begin until after my set. Considering that Sunday will actually be the third round of this venture for most of those attending, I thought it’d be cool to ever-so-gently wake everyone up with something funky and uplifting that I’ve been holding onto, Salto Batida” by Bombo Rosa:

… From there, I couldn’t tell you where I’d go with my set, since I personally like to wing all of them (although I do sometimes make lists of tracks I should include in rotation for certain occasions), which should be the most thrilling part of this particular venture: seeing which grooves suck the crowd and what keeps them moving.

It’s a shame that since many top-billed DJ acts usually pre-record their sets (but not all, however its common practice considering the big money that usually backs said acts…. as “insurance”), they miss out on said thrill. Either way, it’s going to be fun, and if I’m feeling up to it, I’m going to include some originals in this mix.

Lastly, I feel like the company’s page on Facebook is worth a look.. They’re a homegrown company that wants to bring top-tier music and acts for not-so-top tier prices. I mean, G Jones is hot in the scene right now – along with many of the other headliners, and an event like Pass The Good 5 which still has tickets still going for under $200 (which includes camping). The other ones usually start at $500 – mind you, so this is an experience that can’t be beat. I know, I’m totally being biased. However, that’s even more reason for you to check the PTG movement out for yourself!

So yeah, expect youtube videos, plenty of instagrams, and a really happy me when I get back Sunday evening. Cheers!

Also worth noting, is that if there’s wifi… this may be the first set I stream live on Facebook. Something I’ve been trying to incorporate into my website for a while – Facebook’s new Live functionality finally makes that as easy as plugging my gear, logging into local wifi and pressing Go live.  Worst case scenario though, I’ll just upload the recording(s) to Youtube after I get back as per usual. My new camera also records in 1080p, which is also cool.