Happy 2018 guys!

As usual, I’ve been busy. The start of this year started off with what’s been a relatively successful relaunch of Bass Parade. I’ve weed this chapter of my dance party by myself so far (regarding, promo, booking and production) – which is nothing I’m not used to, but I was really flattered at how quick it picked back up.

Aside from that, my residency has treated me well, and I’m loving every bit of playing alternative / goth music that I play – since a lot of the synth pop / 80s / industrial scene actually has a lot in common with the mid-2000’s south Florida EDM scene I first got my start in. I’ve got another residency in the works, and it’s a more open format gig than the above mentioned ones… which I’m actually excited for, because it will be my take on open format. More on that in another article.

Production will underway soon – I bought my first hardware synth – a Korg Microkorg XL+ (demo video). It’s already been helping me come up with phat ideas.

There’s more, but since I blog sporadically (I always swear to myself to write more often), I’m just going to chip in here once in a while with song releases and other big deals, like label affiliations or the occasional editorial / exposition. You know, stuff that’s too TLDR (too long, didn’t read) for social media.