Great news:  my tracks are being supported by a blog out of Spain! Rhythm & Breaks is a blog focused on my particular genre of EDM, breaks. I’ve always been about breaks, so ever since glitch hop, trap and moombah started getting cooler I noticed the crowd responding to breaks better… so naturally, I went back to my roots. Anyway, there is a huge breaks scene in Spain, and I’m beyond excited at how much these guys are already supporting my music.

Why Spain, you ask? I speak Spanish, and noticed a lot of the comments on my favorite tracks on Soundcloud were… in Spanish! I did my homework and well… come to find out that many of the artists I like are based in Spain! Realizing this, I happened to make contact with a DJ from Spain – and not only does he want to remix one of my tracks, but he put in a good word for me get on the blog! So big shout-out to Rhythm & Breaks for supporting and sharing my music so far. 

I’m not expecting a paid gig in Ibiza anytime soon, but I’m just grateful to know that my music is being heard over there! Who knows what could stem from this? …Let’s see. Shout out to MURIX for the connect (be sure to check out some of his dope UK Garage grooves).